Concert series

Live on Stage at the Bauhaus 

It's time again! On 5 and 6 November 2018 the zdf@bauhaus concert series will be guest on the Stage at the Bauhaus Dessau for the 20th time.

The German broadcaster ZDF invites guests to a live concert twice a year. The stage is regarded as the heart of the Bauhaus building in Dessau. Its location in the centre of the building, but also its fundamental openness in the face of two different auditoriums, makes it a highly versatile and seemingly puristic point of creative focus. Here, where the Bauhaus band once played, the German broadcaster ZDF now invites guests to a live concert twice a year.

The concert series zdf@bauhaus intentionally harnesses the intimacy of the Bauhaus stage to bring domestic and international stars into direct contact with their audience. In every concert therefore, musicians and audience alike become immersed in the music, often accompanied by improvisations and solos, and this is communicated even on-screen to the television and livestream audience.

The concert series on the Bauhaus stage

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