Edition Bauhaus 39
László Moholy-Nagy: Vision in Motion

“Vision in Motion”, László Moholy-Nagy’s last book, was published posthumously in 1947, one year after his death in Chicago. It consists of an extension of the legendary publication "The New Vision"which appeared in 1938 and that relates to the educational methods of the Dessau Bauhaus. "Vision in Motion" was produced at the Institute for Design in Chicago and offers insights into the institution’s work, led by Moholy-Nagy. In his book he employs an interdisciplinary approach, elucidating the interrelation between art and technology in exemplary images and his own texts. Today, "Vision in Motion" reads like a school of vision for the entire first half of the 20th century, influencing film, photography, painting, literature, but also the sciences. After 65 years, László Moholy-Nagy’s seminal work is published in German for the first time.


Edited for the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation
by Philipp Oswalt

Preface: Philipp Oswalt

Translated after the original edition, published in 1947 by Paul Theobald, Chicago

Graphic design: Müller & Wesse

Layout: 371 pages, numerous b&w illustrations, hardcover, book jacket

Sepctor Books, Leipzig
Date: 2014

€ 42 book trade,
€ 34 Designshop Bauhaus Dessau

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