Edition Bauhaus 54
The Progressive Heritage of the Bauhaus. On the Origins of an East German Bauhaus Collection

When the Bauhaus left Dessau in 1932, no Bauhaus collection remained. Apart from files in the city archives, some works in the Anhaltische Gemäldegalerie that survived the Nazi iconoclasm, and privately owned works of art, there was nothing left of documents and objects in Dessau. Today, the collection of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation comprises more than 50,000 objects and documents on the history of the Bauhaus and its reception. They tell of the school in Dessau as a creative actor in a cultural, social and economic upheaval. The beginnings of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation's collection date back to the 1970s. The publication goes back to the early years of " collecting the Bauhaus ", describes and analyses the institutional processes preceding the founding of the Dessau Bauhaus collection and traces the history of Bauhaus reception in the GDR.

Edited for the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation
by Wolfgang Thöner and Claudia Perren

Text by Wolfgang Thöner in collaboration with Christin Müller-Wenzel

Graphic design:
Hannes Drißner based on a concept by Katharina Köhler

112 pages, 90 colour illustrations, softcover.

English and German

Spector Books, Leipzig

ISBN 978-3-95905-277-1 (en)
ISBN 978-3-95905-277-1 (de)

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