Restoration Work

Dear visitors,

the Bauhaus Building and the Masters’ Houses are almost 100 years old. Besides, they are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Accordingly, the buildings must be permanently maintained and regularly renovated. Also at present, the Bauhaus Building and Masters’ Houses are being restored inside and outside. We try to keep the restrictions for visitors to a minimum. However, they cannot be completely avoided; but maybe you will see it as an opportunity: it is rare to see so vividly what it means to preserve a World Heritage Site.

Bauhaus Building

Bauhaus Lettering and Plaster Work

The plaster on the facade of the south staircase needs to be renovated. After the plaster has been chipped off, it will be reapplied. This is a special plaster: it contains mineral mica components. The Bauhaus Building will then really shine in a special way.
The famous lettering on the Bauhaus Building is temporarily removed for the work.


On the east side of the bridge, the windows are being renovated, which is why there is a scaffolding here. Many of the window frames are heavily rusted and the panes are cracked. Therefore, the windows are gradually being completely removed with the help of a crane, renovated in a nearby workshop and reinstalled. The reinstalled window frames are only glazed and given their final colour coat on site. In this context, the director's office is not accessible until further notice.