Films on the Bauhaus Agents Programme

The films "Bauhaus Agents Dessau: The School Projects" and "Bauhaus Agents Dessau: In the Museum" show how the participating cooperating schools repeatedly discovered and designed new themes and "places of learning" thanks to the Agents programme.

Documentary film workshop

Pupils from Dessau-Roßlau explored their personal environment with a film camera. For three years, they documented what interests them about their city, which places are important to them, what role the Bauhaus plays for them and how the city changed through the construction of the Bauhaus Museum Dessau.

Six film excerpts from the documentary film workshop:

At home in Dessau?
The city, the city park and the new Bauhaus Museum,

Lost Places (Verlorene Orte),

The old gazebo – we create a place for ourselves,

Living and working in Dessau,

Living in the Dessau-Törten Housing Estate,

Growing up in Dessau, and then what?

Animation Movies

In the inter-school project Animation Film Workshop and during JK#3, pupils developed their own film dramaturgies. Different sequences were created with silhouettes in stop-motion technique.

Oskar Remixed

A video-dance film in collaboration with 4 cooperation schools and the choreographer Ruben Reniers.