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The collection of photographic documents and videos includes material on the Foundation´s projects, the history of the Bauhaus with its workshops, the curriculum, architecture, life at the Bauhaus, the history of the institution and its institutional development.


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Terms and conditions of use

Extract from terms and conditions of lending and use:

In general, only the simple (non-exclusive) right of use is transferred
for the purpose of single use.
The transfer, storage and reproduction of images require a separate
agreement with the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation.
The user is under obligation to cite sources and names on publication.
This will be precisely prescribed by the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation. The
user must ensure that markers of copyright and origin must be clearly
identifiable on the published image.
The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation will receive unsolicited and free of
charge a complete example of every publication for its contemporary
The processing of requests and the use of images are subject to fees
and costs.
Fees are charged based on the tariffs of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation.
For media categories not covered by the tariffs of the Bauhaus Dessau
Foundation, the “Synopsis of customary market fees for image rights”
(image royalties) will also apply.
The fees are calculated on the basis of the publication data. The
invoicing occurs after the user has approved the costs and prior to the
use of the images.

I acknowledge that these terms and conditions are binding.