UNESCO World Heritage Day 2022: Steelhouse Site Tours

// Day of Actions
4 + 5 June 2022
Historical Bauhaus buildings + Steelhouse

5 June 2022 is UNESCO World Heritage Day 2022. All visitors will receive free admission to the historical Bauhaus buildings on this day of action.

In addition, Bauhaus Dessau is offering free guided tours (german) of the construction site in the Steelhouse to mark the occasion. The the Bauhaus building, which is at risk of corrosion, is currently being renovated. For this purpose, it was gradually dismantled into all its individual parts, refurbished and then reassembled. The guided tour with experts offers a unique opportunity to learn interesting details about the restoration. Each step is accompanied by restorative examinations in order to gain further insights into the history of the building.

C o n s t r u c t i o n   S i t e   T o u r s

Sat, 4 June + Sun, 5 June 2022 
each at 10 am + 10.45 am + 11.30 am + 12.15 am + 1 pm
(in german)

T i c k e t s

Free tickets for the historical Bauhaus buildings and the 30-minute guided tours of the construction site are available in the Online Ticket Shop.