Discovery Booklets for the Bauhaus Buildings

available for the following buildings:

> Bauhaus Building
> Masters’ Houses
> Dessau-Törten Estate
> Bauhaus Museum Dessau


ca. 90 minutes

Ages eight and up

The Discovery Booklets (in German: Entdeckungstour) enable you to explore the Bauhaus buildings in Dessau and the Bauhaus Museum Dessau on your own and to obtain exciting insights into the history of the Bauhaus: What is special about Bauhaus architecture? What did the students learn in the workshops? What is collected at the Bauhaus Dessau and exhibited at the Bauhaus Museum Dessau? Paintings and drawings bring history alive. Small tasks invite you to find your own very personal approach to the Bauhaus. You can decide the sequence yourself. Have lots of fun observing, collecting, guessing, painting, and discovering!

You can get Discovery Booklets by asking the ticket counters in the Bauhaus buildings and at the Bauhaus Museum Dessau.