House Roules for all Bauhaus Buildings

The Bauhaus Building is one of the world’s most important monuments of modern building and was registered in 1996 in the list of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites due to its unusual value, together with the Masters’ Houses in Dessau and the Bauhaus structures in Weimar. The special atmosphere at the Bauhaus still excites people today. In order to also make the experience of this special architecture possible for future generations, the protection and preservation of the Bauhaus Building is very important. We therefore would like you to become familiar with the House Rules at the start of your visit.

Purpose of the House Rules

(1) The House Rules serve to make your visit and the work in our building as pleasant as possible.

(2) The House Rules are binding for anyone who is within the building. By entering the building, you accept our regulations, as well as all of the other rules intended to maintain operational safety.


(1) We are pleased to have children, young people and adults visit us. Since the Bauhaus is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, please treat the building with respect. The Bauhaus is a workplace, so please conduct yourself in a way that is not disruptive.

(2) Parents or other adults companions are not relieved from their duty of supervision during the visit to the exhi- bitions with minor children.

Securing of the Exhibition Objects;
Conduct in the Building, Exhibition Rooms and the Outside Areas

(1) In order to avoid damaging the exhibits, we ask you not to touch them. The exhibition objects for which touching is desired are marked as such. Any objects that could pose a danger for the exhibition pieces should be checked at the cloakroom.

(2) Bringing dogs and other pets into the Bauhaus Building is not allowed. Visitors can leash their dogs in immediate vicinity. Lawns serve as sunbathing and play areas, so we ask you to understand that misuse as a toilet for dogs will not be tolerated. Any defilement must be removed immediately.

(3) Our café and the canteen offer you a rich range of food and beverages. Eating and drinking is not permitted in the exhibition rooms and the stage room.

(4) We request that teachers, group leaders and legal guardians ensure the appropriate conduct of the children and young people who they accompany and remain with the group. School classes are only permitted to visit the exhibition rooms as a unified group under the direction and supervision of an educator or other responsible escort. Please hold small children by the hand.

(5) In case of a theft alarm, the administration is entitled to close all of the exits except for the main exit in order to perform a visitors’ check there.

(6) We kindly ask you to refrain from anything that is detrimental to the safety and order in the building and outside area. You are liable for any damages that may occur due to your conduct (also see the paragraphs on the Evacuation Map and Liability).

(7) The use of skateboards, inline skates, city rollers, etc. is not permitted on the entire grounds.

(8) Persons who endanger or damage the historic structure and the historic furnishings and persons who are drunk or under the influences of drugs will be expelled from the premises.

Admission Prices, Business Hours and Guided Tours

(1) The admission prices and business hours are estab- lished by the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation. They can be viewed at the visitor centre.

(2) The stamped admission tickets are valid based on the type of corresponding, specific benefits. Detailed information can be found in the pertinent information media, as well as at the visitor centre. The same applies for coupons starting when they are voided on site.

(3) If the capacity has been reached or there is a special occasion, the building or the exhibition may be completely or partially closed to visitors.

(4) Group guided tours can only be organised or guaran- teed and held after timely registration. It is possible to register at the visitor service (tel. +49-340/6508-251).

(5) We would like to point out that guided tours through the Bauhaus Building can only be led by authorised employees of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation. Guided tours by external parties are also not permitted in the publically accessible area of the building.

Storage of Wardrobe and Baggage

Lockers or the cloakroom are available for the storage of your clothing and bags. For conservational and safety-related reasons, it is not permissible to enter the exhibition rooms with bulky or wet objects such as that are larger than DIN A 4 (approx. 20 x 30 cm). The service personnel will decide in case of doubt. We do not assume any liability on the part of the wardrobe or locker.

Parking of Bicycles

The parking of bicycles is only allowed in the provided bicycle stands or in the specially equipped room in the flat-roofed building. The parking of bicycles is not permitted in the main building, as well as in the guesthouse.

Parking of Motor Vehicles

The parking of vehicles is only allowed in the provided parking lot.

Exhibitions, Billposting, etc.

The use of the stairwells and corridors for exhibitions, billposting and the like is only permitted after consulta- tion with the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation.

Baby-Care Room

Baby-care rooms are located on the lower level in the respective disabled toilet facilities.

Photographing and Filming

Photographing in the interior of the building for commercial purposes is only allowed with a special photo permit (which can be obtained from the visitor service: Ms. Gildner – tel.: +49-340 / 6508-301).

The authorisation to photograph for solely private purposes in the interior of the building can be obtained by purchasing a photo permit (available at the visitor service in the Bauhaus Building).

Supervisory Staff

The task of the service personnel and the tour guides is also to make sure that the House Rules are followed.

We therefore request that you adhere to instructions by the service personnel. If the House Rules or the instructions by the service personnel are not followed, the respective persons will not be permitted to remain on the premises. Visitors who repeatedly fail to follow the House Rules and the instructions by the service person- nel can be permanently banned from the premises. The cost of admission will not be refunded when a person is banned from the Bauhaus Building.

Lost and Found

If you should find lost objects in the building, we kindly request that you give them to the personnel at the visitor centre. Found objects will be handled according to the legal regulations.

Ban on Smoking

The Bauhaus is a smoke-free institution in accordance with the Non-Smoking Act. This means that smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises. The use of open fire is also prohibited.

Evacuation Maps and Liability

(1) Evacuation maps are located on every floor. In case of fire, please follow the designated paths or the instructions by the personnel!

(2) The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation assumes no liability for:

Damage to property and injury to persons in relation to the tours, the exhibition and/or the visited Bauhaus structures.

Damage to property in the case of a locker breakin or theft.

(3) Each person is responsible for his or her own insurance protection.

(4) Defects or damage should be reported to the visitor cashier desk.

Lack of awareness or inattentiveness is a special dan- ger for this special architecture, the effect of which can already be sensitively disturbed by small interventions or damages. Apart from the costs that arise due to the necessary repairs, some of the materials cannot even be replaced in the case of wear or destruction since they are not produced anymore. We hope that you will understand the special qualities of this architecture and request that you treat and use the building with a spe- cial degree of consideration.