House Rules for all Bauhaus Buildings

The Bauhaus Building is one of the world’s most important monuments of modern building and was registered in 1996 in the list of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites due to its unusual value, together with the Masters’ Houses in Dessau and the Bauhaus structures in Weimar. The special atmosphere at the Bauhaus still excites people today. In order to also make the experience of this special architecture possible for future generations, the protection and preservation of the Bauhaus Building is very important. We therefore would like you to become familiar with the House Rules at the start of your visit.

Purpose of the House Rules

1 )
The house rules are intended to make your visit or work in our buildings as pleasant as possible.

2 )
The house rules are binding for all persons staying in or on the premises of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation. By entering the properties of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, you acknowledge our rules as well as all other instructions issued to maintain operational safety.

Domiciliary rights

1 )
The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, represented by its employees, service personnel and tour guides, exercises domiciliary rights in the buildings and on the surrounding premises of the Bauhaus Dessau Foun­dation. Among other things, their task is to ensure that the house rules are observed. The instructions of the aforementioned groups of persons must therefore be followed unconditionally. They serve the safety of visitors and exhibits on the one hand and the safety and preservation of the buildings and the surrounding area on the other.

2 )
In the event of a violation of the house rules or instructions issued, the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation may exercise its domiciliary rights and prohibit the persons concerned from continuing to stay in the buildings and on the surrounding premises.

3 )
In the event of repeated violations of the house rules or failure to follow instructions, the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation may ban persons concerned from entering its premises.

4 )
With reference to its domiciliary rights, the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation may prohibit access to its properties by persons who:

- are in a recognisably alcoholised or intoxicated state,
- endanger or damage the historical building fabric and the historical furnishings through their behaviour,
- seek to gain access to the properties of the Foundation with demonstrably harmful intent.

The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation reserves the right to assert claims for damages in cases of endangerment and damage.

5 )
In the event of being evicted from the properties of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, the admission fee will not be reimbursed.


We are pleased to welcome children, young people and adults in our buildings. Children under 10 years of age may only enter the exhibitions when accompanied by their parents or another adult. Parents or other adult accompanying persons are not released from their duty of supervision when visiting the exhibitions with minor children.

The Bauhaus Building and the Masters’ Houses are UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites. Please treat the buildings with respect and respect all objects as well as the structural surfaces. Even today, the Bauhaus Building is a place of work, so please behave considerately and do not disturb anybody.

Admission fees, opening hours and guided tours

1 )
Admission fees and opening hours are determined by the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation. They can be viewed in the visitors’ centre of the Bauhaus Building, at the ticket counter of the Bauhaus Museum Dessau, on our website and via the Bauhaus Dessau App.

2 )
The tickets purchased are valid according to the type of specific service associated with them. Detailed informa­tion can be found in the relevant information media and in the visitors’ centre. The same applies to vouchers from the time of validation on site.

3 )
In case of overcrowding or for any other reason, the buildings of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation or the exhibitions may be closed to visitors in whole or in part.

4 )
Private guided tours can only be organised or guaranteed and conducted after timely registration. Registrations are possible at the Visitors’ Service (0049-340-6508-251) or via our website.

5 )
We would like to point out that guided tours of the Bauhaus buildings and exhibition rooms may only be conducted by authorised employees of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation. Guided tours by external persons are not permitted in the properties, even in the publicly accessible areas.

Behaviour in buildings, exhibition rooms and outdoor areas

1 )
In order not to damage the exhibits, we kindly ask you not to touch them. The exhibits that can be touched are marked. In the immediate vicinity of the exhibits, it is not permitted to handle objects that are likely to cause damage. Please lock all objects that could pose a danger to the exhibits, especially backpacks, bags, umbrellas, jackets and coats, into the lockers provided or leave them at the cloakroom.

2 )
Animals are not allowed in the buildings. The existing lawns are used as sunbathing and playing areas. Misuse as a dog toilet is not tolerated. Any soiling must be removed immediately or its removal will be charged.

3 )
Food and drink may not be taken into or consumed in the buildings, exhibition rooms and the stage area in the Bauhaus Building. However, the café and canteen in the Bauhaus Building and the café in the Bauhaus Museum offer a wide range of food and beverages.

4 )
Teachers, group leaders and parents are asked to ensure that the children and young people they are accompanying behave appropriately and stay with the group. School classes may only visit the exhibition rooms as a closed group under the direction and supervision of a responsible accompanying person. Young children must be led by hand. Children under 10 years of age may only be permitted to visit the exhibition with an adult accompanying person.

5 )
The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, represented by the management of the respective property, is entitled to close all exits, except the main exit, in the event of a theft alarm in order to carry out controls when visitors leave the premises.

6 )
Nappy changing is not permitted in the exhibition rooms. You will find nappy changing rooms in the souterrain of the Bauhaus Building and in the basement of the Bauhaus Museum (room of the barrier-free toilet).

7 )
The use of skateboards, in-line skates, scooters, etc. is not permitted in the buildings or on the grounds of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation that surround the properties.

8 )
We ask you to refrain from doing anything that is detrimental to safety and order in the buildings and the respective outdoor spaces. You are liable for any damage caused by your behaviour (see also paragraph “Evacuation plans and liability”).

No smoking rule and naked flames

1 )
Smoking is absolutely prohibited in all buildings belonging to the properties of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation. Smoking is only allowed in the outdoor areas.

2 )
The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation prohibits the use of naked flames in the buildings and the areas immediately surrounding them.

Clothes and bags

Lockers or cloakrooms are available for storing your coats and bags. For reasons of conservation and safety, it is not allowed to enter the exhibition rooms with bulky or wet objects, such as umbrellas, rainwear, jackets, coats, backpacks and carrying bags. In case of doubt, the service personnel will decide. Liability on the part of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation for objects in the cloakrooms or lockers is excluded. The loss of a locker key must be reported immediately to the supervisory staff.

Parking of bicycles

The parking of bicycles is only permitted in the bicycle racks provided for this purpose or in the bicycle garage at the Bauhaus Building. It is not permitted to park bicycles in any of the buildings.

Parking of motor vehicles

Motor vehicles may only be parked in the designated parking spaces.

Displays and billposting

The use of stairwells and corridors for displays, billposting, etc. is only permitted after consultation with the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation.

Filming and photography

All filming and photography in the buildings and exhibition rooms is generally only permitted for private purposes and without the use of flash equipment and tripod. The Foundation reserves the right to exclude certain special exhibitions from this rule. For further information on filming and photography permits, please contact the Visitors’ Service or send an enquiry via our website.

Filming and photography for commercial purposes or in the context of current reporting is only permitted with the permission of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, which will issue a filming and photography permit. In order to apply for such a permit, please contact the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation via the website.

Lost and found property

If you find lost items in one of our buildings, we ask you to return them to the Visitors’ Centre in the Bauhaus Building or to the ticket counter in the Bauhaus Museum Dessau. Lost items will be disposed of in accordance with the statutory provisions.

Evacuation plans and liability

1 )
On each floor, there are evacuation plans, which you can see when you visit the respective building. In case of fire, please follow the indicated escape routes or staff instructions!

2 )
The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation assumes no liability for:

- damage to property and persons in connection with tours, visited Bauhaus buildings or exhibitions,
- damage to property in the event of break-in to lockers or theft.

3 )
Each visitor is responsible for his or her own insurance coverage.

4 )
Any defects or damage must be reported at the Visitors’ Centre of the Bauhaus Building or at the ticket counter of the Bauhaus Museum Dessau.

Room rental / workshops in the historical buildings

1 )
Please avoid attaching anything to the historical surfaces (walls, floors, installations, doors, etc.) or leaning anything against them without protection. Any fixings to walls should be made using partially existing hanging systems. Any project-related changes will be discussed by the Foundation and coordinated with the office for the preservation of historical monuments.

2 )
Sitting, climbing, lying or standing on the radiators, their covers or on parapets and other ledges is not permitted.

3 )
The protection of all floors must be guaranteed. If there is a risk of damage due to intensive use, or, in the event of exhibitions (even temporary), for example due to the architecture of the exhibition, the floors must be covered with an air-permeable textile covering. Using adhesive materials is not allowed. Felt pads that are gentle on the floor must be used on table or chair legs and exhibition furniture.

4 )
Windows and doors are to be used in the intended manner (no wedging, no blocking, no sticking) and only after instruction.

5 )
All escape and rescue routes must be kept clear.

6 )
All furniture, objects and installations should be placed in a certain distance from walls and should not have hard edges.

7 )
The use of the balconies is not possible for reasons of building law.

8 )
Cooking is generally not allowed in the buildings, on the terraces, parapets and on the grounds in the immediate vicinity of the buildings; exceptions must be agreed with the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation. The consumption of food and drink is only allowed in the designated areas. When using oils, fats or other materials that may leave permanent marks on surfaces, protective measures must be taken that must be agreed with the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation in advance. A minimum distance of 2 m from the nearest building must be maintained.

9 )
Should you nevertheless cause any damage, we would ask you to inform one of our employees immediately. Only then, the Foundation will be able to repair the damage quickly.

Data protection

The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation attaches great importance to the protection of personal data and the right to privacy. Insofar as data is collected, stored or processed during your visit, this is done based on the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR), the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), the German Telemedia Act (TMG) and other legal provisions.

The person responsible within the meaning of the GDPR and other national data protection laws of the member states as well as other data protection regulations is the:

Bauhaus Dessau Foundation
Represented by the director / CEO
Dr Barbara Steiner
Gropiusallee 38
06846 Dessau-Roßlau
Phone: 0049-340-6508-300

If you have any questions, you can contact the Foundation’s data protection officer at:


Ignorance or carelessness pose a particular threat to the special architecture, the effect of which can be severely disturbed by even small interventions or damage. Apart from the costs incurred by necessary repairs, it is possible that some materials cannot be replaced when they are worn out or destroyed because they are no longer produced.