Hallimasch Komplex:
homo habitat

// Research trip + conference
Fri, 2 Dec. 2022 (premiere) + Sun, 4 Dec 2022, 8 p.m.
Bauhaus Building, Auditorium
>> Ticket required (Anhaltisches Theater Dessau)

Under the title homo habitat, the ensemble Hallimasch Komplex embarks on a research journey into the future of food. A cooperation with the Anhaltisches Theater Dessau.

When we imagine the year 2050, what do we think about?
How will we live together in the future? What does living together mean?
And how does all this relate to the way we eat?

At the Bauhaus – a historic site of forward-looking thinking – the theater network Hallimasch Komplex begins its research journey into future forms of social coexistence. In the process, the artists engage with current discourses, conduct interviews, and thus feed considerations, desires, and fears into visions of the future.

They will present the results of this work on the theme of "food" during a "conference" on the historic Bauhaus stage. They invite the audience to enjoy and participate in futurology in a setting rich in tradition. The fictional-documentary conference homo habitat at the Bauhaus Dessau is the gustatory starting shot of a series of futurological research residencies and conferences by Hallimasch Komplex.

Production: hallimasch komplex 

With Stephan Q. Eberhard, Lisa Schöttel, Katharina Fröhlich, Sarah Zelt, Jacopo Asam, Hannah Niemand, Melisa Su Taşkıran 


Tickets are available at the box offices of the Anhaltisches Theater Dessau and online: anhaltisches-theater.de