HfG Ulm:
Exhibition Fever

15 Oct 2021 – 6 March 2022
Bauhaus Building
daily 10 am – 5 pm

The national and international exhibitions of the Ulm School of Design (HfG) contributed significantly to its global prominence. The exhibition “HfG Ulm: Exhibition Fever” highlights, for the first time, this interplay of design theory and exhibition practice. It presents past exhibitions by the school itself as well as commissioned exhibitions, which were conceived by the HfG between 1953 and 1968 and shown at home and abroad. Unpublished source texts and historical material such as exhibition stands, system designs and photographs illustrate the design and exhibition practice of the HfG. Also highlighted is the key role of graphic designer and HfG co-founder Otl Aicher. Visitors are transported back to the 1950s and 60s when, as one contemporary noted, a real “exhibition fever” seems to have taken hold of the school. A travelling exhibition of the HfG Archive Ulm.