Monica Bonvicini.
Structural Psychodrama #5

// Exhibition Opening
Thu, 15 Sep 2022, 11 a.m.
Bauhaus Building, workshop wing

We are pleased to open a new, site-specific installation by Monica Bonvicini in the workshop wing of the Bauhaus Building. The large-scale sculpture titled Structural Psychodrama #5 is one of a series of works created by Bonvicini over the last five years and focuses on architectural elements.

Structural Psychodrama #5 comprises fourteen mirrored panels. Centrally positioned, this work reflects both the light-filled, white space and what happens inside it and alters our perception of these. In addition, the tilted mirror surfaces with their chains and handcuffs provide new perspectives on the renowned glass facade of the workshop wing. Structurally innovative, this embodied the start of a new age and its glass and steel facade represented progress and modernity. Last but not least, Bonvicini’s work invokes the design ideas, dogmas and utopias that are also inscribed in the Bauhaus Building.

Monica Bonvicini will attend the exhibition opening at 11 a.m.