Gropius House || Fictional:
Rita Evans

Bauhaus Residence Exhibition

Rita Evans
25 Nov 2021 – 26 June 2022

Gropius House
daily 10 am – 5 pm

Artist Rita Evans has been working at Haus Muche since September, experimenting with materials and forms and exploring what sound they produce when played and moved by a group or audience from the public. She will be in contact with the people of Dessau to discover new ways of playing her sculptures.

Works of art and artistic work processes create specific new approaches to the world and in this sense are fictional: the term is derived from the Latin verb "fingere" and means nothing other than "to shape, form, imagine." Thus, fiction does not primarily entail the creation of a world of one's own, but can just as well mean the shaping of the existing world, the real. Fiction is thus also a way to gain distance, to question realities, to see them anew.  

In their work, artists also explore how meaning and value are constituted in a specific present. What is told, why and how? And what differences, points of friction, and overlaps arise when fictions are dedicated to the same theme but realized by different artists with different means?

The artist

Rita Evans lives and works in the United Kingdom. For the artist with British-Canadian roots, space is a stage for which she develops objects made of ceramics, textiles, water, wood and metal that move at the intersection of sculpture, display and instrument. The musical performance thrives on the communication between audience and contributors who play the same instrument together.

Instrument, the work Rita Evans developed for Haus Gropius, creates a connection between the body of an individual and the space of other bodies, a collective of people that includes the sculpture and its materials. A film shows documentation of previous workshops in which the instrument was played by individuals. In combination with the drawings, plans and spatial scores created in this context, visitors can experience the exhibition space as a sensual infrastructure.

In cooperation with the Literaturhaus Berlin and the Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig.