Guides tours for families and workshop for parents and children

A practical experience of the Bauhaus – with the whole family. The museum learning services for children and their parents make it all possible.

Guides tours for families through the Bauhaus building and the Masters' Houses 

The guided tours for families allow children and adults to get to know the Bauhaus together. Every child receives an accompanying booklet with ideas for the active exploration of the architecture and ideas of the Bauhaus.

  • Duration: 1 ½ hours
  • Price on request           


Workshops for families

Our workshops for families focus on different events and subjects and on the practical approach to aspects of the history of the Bauhaus. In the process, children can build, design, develop ideas or experiment together with their families.

  • Duration: 1 ½ hour          
  • Price on request, incl. cost of materials

Family guided tours and workshops may also be booked for groups on request.

Children's birthdays at the Bauhaus

A child’s birthday becomes a journey of discovery through the Bauhaus: After an interactive guided tour of the Bauhaus building (alternatively also through the Master’s Houses), you are free to choose one of the workshops from our range. And what’s more, there will be a small gift from the Bauhaus for the birthday boy or girl!

The Bauhaus Café and Bistro will provide catering before or after the festive activities on request. If you wish, you may also bring our own snacks.

  • Durations: 2 ½ hours
  • Price on request (maximum 15 participants, not including food)

Workshop options

Postcard from the Bauhaus

After the children have explored the Bauhaus building with its vistas, reflections and fascinating interplay of colours, they can design their own postcard in this workshop, based on the example set by the Bauhauslers. In this way the young explorers are given an opportunity to express their own picture of the Bauhaus and actively build on the impressions gained during the guided tour.                    

  • Duration: 1 Hour                                      
  • Price on request

Design a room

In the Bauhaus building and the permanent exhibition, the children come across a wide variety of chairs, armchairs, stools and lamps. The workshop takes shape as an exciting search for the Bauhaus products in the building. Inspired by their discoveries and with the help of tracing paper, the children will then design their own rooms.

  • Duration: 1 hour or 2 hours
  • Price on request

In this workshop, children will practically explore the effects of colours, find out about the rules of mixing colours, learn the colour wheel of Johannes Itten and experiment first-hand with colour. Ideally, the participants would first go on a journey of discovery in the Kandinsky/Klee Masters’ House.

  • Duration: 1 hour or 2 hours                                         
  • Price on request

Studies in balance
                The workshop focuses on studies in balance from László Moholy-Nagy’s preliminary course. The participants are encouraged to experiment with a range of materials and, in doing so, to learn about their properties and characteristics.

  • Duration: 2 hours                                               
  • Price on request 

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