Gertrud and Alfred Arndt – Alexandra Bormann-Arndt about her parents

The "Bauhauschildren" at the opening of the new masters' houses in Dessau, May 2014, Image: Sebastian Gündel, 2014, Bauhaus Foundation Dessau

Alexandra Bormann-Arndt

  • Daughter of Gertrud and Alfred Arndt
  • Born 1931
  • 1932: the family moves from Dessau to Probstzella
  • 1937 her brother Hugo is born
  • 1948 the family moves to Darmstadt
  • Alexandra Bormann-Arndt created an archive about the works of her parents in Darmstadt 
  • She lives in Darmstadt

Video: Julia Riedhammer and Edouard Steinhauer, 2014, Bauhaus Foundation Dessau, edited by Franka Pohl

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