! Postponed !
Gropius House || Fictional.
Inge Mahn and Sujata Bhatt

The exhibition will take place at a later date, the schedule will be announced soon.
Gropius House

This year, the redesigned Bau­haus Residency programme hosts artist Inge Mahn and writ­er Sujata Bhatt as well as artist Jan Tichy and writer Levin Westermann. While living in the Masters’ Houses – like the origi­nal Bauhaus Masters – their works will focus on the theme Habitat.

Works of art and artistic practic­ es create new ways of ap­ proaching the world. In this sense, they are fictional. Not coincidentally, the word ‘fiction­ al’ derives from the Latin verb ‘fingere’ meaning ‘designed, shaped, made up’.

During their residency at the Schlemmer House, Inge Mahn and Jan Tichy will each work on an exhibition for the ground floor in the Gropius House. At the same time, Sujata Bhatt and Levin Westermann will move into the neighbouring Muche House. The texts they create in Dessau will be pre­ sented at the exhibition open­ings. Two international artist collectives, selected via an open call, will work on exhibi­tions for the upper floor.

This programme is a coopera­tion with the Galerie für Zeit­ genössische Kunst Leipzig and the Literaturhaus Berlin.