Intermezzi Opening:
The Art of the Palliative Turn, Nomadic Mosque, The Learning Body

// Talks + Performance
Thu, 30 Mar 2023, 6 p.m.
Bauhaus Museum Dessau

The three new Intermezzi Nomadic Mosque, The Art of the Palliative Turn and The Learning Body at the Bauhaus Museum Dessau mark the beginning of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation's thematic focus on the human body in the Bauhaus and modernism, accompanied by attempts to understand it anew, to modify it and to provide a current and critical interpretation and further development of such ideas. 

In the course of history, our understanding and treatment of the body has changed. Particularly since Modernism, a partly contradictory social approach to the individual body has become apparent: on the one hand, there have been efforts to sensitise and liberate the human body (from social constraints) and thus to reconnect it with the seemingly original forces of nature. At the same time, the body and organism were brought to heel, standardised and functionally fitted into work processes – similar to assembly line work. Through such automated movement processes, a modification or deformation of the human body took place and continues to take place.


Welcome and introduction
by Barbara Steiner, Director of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation

"Nomadic Mosque"
Short talk with the artist Azra Akšamija and Regina Bittner (Bauhaus Dessau Foundation)

"The Learning Body"
Introductory words by Anne Schneider (Bauhaus Dessau Foundation) and Corina Forthuber (Mozarteum University Salzburg)

Impressions from the "Learning Body" project
Short video

Association for the Palliative Turn
Short talk with artist Olav Westphalen and Oliver Klimpel (Bauhaus Dessau Foundation)

Tour of the exhibition

approx. 7.30 p.m.
Lecture performance in the foyer
by Olav Westphalen