On Collecting:
Otti Berger. Fabric in Space

24 June – 3 Oct 2021
Bauhaus Museum Dessau, Black Box
+ Bauhaus Building, Textile Workshop

Otti Berger is the subject of two linked exhibitions. Looking at four newly acquired fabrics by the Bauhaus artist, the Intermezzo at the Bauhaus Museum Dessau traces the product’s infrastructure from its initial design to the final industrially manufactured textile. Simultaneous, Judith Raum will create an installation in the rooms of the historic textile workshop in the Bauhaus Building. The Berlinbased artist will focus on unusual designs for curtain fabrics that Otti Berger developed in the 1930s. The installation combines large samples of the original fabric with a fictional narrative that takes up Berger’s pioneering role in procuring unconventional materials and her collaboration with specialised branches of industry while also shedding light on the associated negotiation processes around authorship and rights of use.