Hajo Toppius:
The Bauhauskapelle in the Musical Landscape of the Bauhaus. A Lecture with Pictures, Instruments and Sound Samples

// Lecture in the course of the Bauhaus Jazz Exploration
Sat, 5 Mar 2022, 11:15 am
Bauhaus Museum Dessau

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Hajo Toppius, musicologist, artist, sound researcher and organiser at SelbstgebauteMusik Berlin, puts the Bauhauskapelle at the centre of his lecture.

Music was not anchored in the curriculum of teaching and research at the historical Bauhaus, but it was always present on different levels and often had a subcutaneous effect. Composers such as Stravinsky, Hindemith or Stefan Wolpe were connected to the Bauhaus. In addition to these connections to classical academic music, there was one important phenomenon in particular that exemplified the artistic search of the Bauhaus: The Bauhauskapelle – a wild party jazz self-build band. This ever-changing group of amateur musicians also reflected the Bauhaus way of working on many levels: pragmatism, interdisciplinarity and thematic openness – and definitely a hedonistic side as well. The lecture will focus on the question of the extent to which extra-musical phenomena shaped the character of the Bauhaus band and how the phenomena of jazz, pop music and later electronic music can already be found here and are anticipated.