1st trimester 2nd trimester 3rd trimester
1st term – Sept 20th to Nov 30th 2001 Curriculum
Service E-conomy – theory and research
Serve City 1st trimester’s goal has been to provide insights into the economical and cultural development tendencies of media based service industries. It also showed echoes/impulses of the interactive service society in media and architectural design strategies. Theoretical and methodological reflection and empirical investigations gave access to 1st trimester’s research approaches to the topic. The term was structured into different phases of theoretical and methodological input, empirical experience, practical experiment and individual/ group production. All lectures and major events were life streamed. A net based working platform supported communication and joint production between Sydney, USA and Dessau participants.
Knowledge based Service Economy
Elisabeth Kremer, Rolf Stein
Transformation of Organizational Culture
and Office Work

Thomas Gesterkamp, Martin Pfiffner,
Alexander Rieck
Culture of Immaterial Labour
Regina Bittner, Michael Wiedemeyer,
Silke Steets
Sydney’s Urban Development and Transformation
Peter Droege, Friedhelm Fischer
Contemporary Australian Indigenous Architecture
Dillon Kombumerri
Presentation Critics
Steffen Klein, James Slevin,
Michael Wiedemeyer
Tim Edler
Digital Design Strategies
Penelope Dean (MVRDV),
Wilfried Hackenbroich
Symposium Serve City,
Oct. 12th and 13th 2001

Beatriz Colomina, Paul Drewe,
Elisabeth Kremer, Uta Meier, Sevil Peach, Dagmar Richter, Patrick Schumacher,
James Slevin, Tobias Wallisser
2nd term – Feb 14th to May 11th 2002 Curriculum
Dwelling as Interface
In the second part of the program the focus of design work was on the changing conditions of housing as it interconnects space, net, and users. Here, the habitat defines the starting point and is the actual space of the reflection. In this context the living or – more comprehensively – the realm of individual life style developed around that nuclei shall be the centre of reflection, conception, and design of the following aspects: Material components such as space, buildings, or equipment as interface, as well as household services based on information technologies, and finally ways of communication and technical communication systems. All three areas are experiencing increasing levels of change due to the growing availability of electronic communication networks. Modified forms of communication and models of life style result – the design of these was the focus of the 2nd Kolleg trimester.
At the Zero Point of Housing:
New Architectural Approaches to the Home

Andreas Ruby
Interaction vs. Consumption or how mass media stole the idea of interactivity from media art
Dieter Daniels
Information technology between innovation and usability: on the construction of viable information spaces
Günther Landsteiner
Local Communities of Practice
Patrick Gruban
E-Business needs E-Fulfillment:
An analysis of Last-Mile-Challenges
and -Solutions

Jörg Priemer
Presentation Critics
Kerstin Hoeger, Gregor Langenbrink,
Andreas Ruby
prototypical interface construction = pinco
Timm Ringewaldt
3rd term – June 20th to Sept 13th 2002 Curriculum
Urban Service Scapes
The 3rd term of Serve City describes how methods and technical possibilities can generate individualized live and work settings in urban and architectural conditions and how the consumers of space could become the producer of space. Ultimately, the urban design approach created methods to generate dense urban landscape for work and living, which reflect local and global interweaving. The architectural models implement the transition of work and living in an information e-conomy within its urban area.
User Profiles – Space/Time Diagrams
Silke Steets, Urban User Groups
and their Identities, Needs and Representations
Service Needs – Target Matrix
Aram Bartold, Bits on location
Urban/Architectural Scenarios
Elisabeth Kremer, Analysis of Stock
Exchange in Wall Street by Asymptote
Preliminary Design Concepts
Rolf Stein, Sydney Globalizing
Midterm Rresentation Anna Klingmann, Jan Löcken Rotation Workshop Penelope Dean
Presentation Critics Maia Engeli, Ulrich Königs, Andreas Ruby, Gerry Silk
Consultation Andreas Ruby