Museum learning: Young people, come to the Bauhaus!

The Bauhaus became famous above all else with its architecture and its innovative product palette, which heralded the age of modern design. At least as progressive however was the form of education practiced here, which sought to combine the arts and crafts, life and work, experimentation and series production. The pedagogy of the Bauhaus redefined and irrevocably informed the relationship between theory and free creativity.

Eighty years later the building is still standing in the Bauhaus City of Dessau, and it is as lively as ever. And nowadays, too, the cultivation of creative spirits plays an important role in this. The museum learning services of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation give practical guidance in construction, design, conceptualisation and experimentation – and convey in passing facts worth knowing about one of the most exciting movements of the modern avant-garde in a range of formats, such as diverse workshops and guided tours for families, school classes or individual young Bauhaus fans.

Discover, research, design, experience: There are many ways to get to know the Bauhaus Dessau. True to the erstwhile slogan of the School of Design: “Young people, come to the Bauhaus!”