New Bauhaus workshops – young people try out Bauhaus Design for themselves

In April 2011 the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation launched a new museum learning format: Here, young people aged 12 years and over learn about the Bauhaus with its historic workshops and its product diversity (furniture, lamps, jewellery, typography, photography, architecture). In doing so, they themselves become the protagonists on a journey into Bauhaus history and Bauhaus design. Under professional guidance, they learn handicrafts, installation, construction, photography, design and advertising.

The new Bauhaus workshops are supported and funded by the IKEA Foundation. With their backing, the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation presents a unique format that aims to appeal to the public on both local and national levels. The themes addressed, which link the history of the Bauhaus with contemporary subjects such as design and architecture and practical experience, are just as new as the rooms in which the courses will take place, which were set up specifically for this purpose in the basement of the Bauhaus building.

The “Bauhaus Workshop” format is designed to make the Bauhaus with its icons and its lifestyle and housing concepts accessible to young people aged 12 years and over – in that they themselves become “Bauhaus students” for a weekend and, under professional supervision, learn how to install and build, take photographs, design and advertise. In this way, the Bauhaus and its history can be discovered, experienced and explored in an entirely new way.


Please register by phone on 0340-6508-250 or by e-mail at museumspä

Participants in the workshop also have the option of staying in the historic Studio building, as the Bauhauslers did before them – further information