Gropius House | Fictional
Sujata Bhatt in conversation with Florian Strob

Online conversation between the poet Sujata Bhatt and Florian Strob, head of the Bauhaus Residency Programme

From 5 pm on the website of our cooperation partner Literaturhaus Berlin
Conversation in Englisch

Works of art and artistic working processes create specific new approaches to the world and are fictional in this sense: the term fiction comes from the Latin verb “fingere” and means “to shape, to form, to invent”. In their work, artists repeatedly explore how meaning and value are constituted in a specific present. Focusing on this investigation, Gropius House || Fictional presents collective forms of artistic work from 2020.

Together with the sculptor Inge Mahn, the poet Sujata Bhatt lived and worked in the Masters’ Houses ensemble until the closure of the Bauhaus buildings. In a conversation with Florian Strob, she will talk about how she approaches the Bauhaus in her artistic work and how she experiences life and work in the Master’ Houses.

The conversation will be streamed on the website, the Facebook page and the Twitter account of the Literaturhaus Berlin. Afterwards it is available as an audio file for listening.