Parcours Yellow :: North Wing

Sat, 5. September 2020
7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 pm
Bauhaus Building

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Olympic Orchestra
>> multi media concert 
Epic worlds of sound in which chamber music, jazz, pop and electronic influences merge, complemented by an equal visual concept. As part of the Bauhaus Festival, the ensemble will present a unique multimedia concert dedicated to the processing of the music of Bauhaus artist Andor Weiningers. The idea of the Bauhaus – to combine the arts and create a total work of art – is the highest goal for this unusual cast.

Guitar, Keys, electronics: Fabian Sackis
Drums: Lukas Akintaya
Light Art: Jakob Vonau

Drahtseil (Tight Rope) – from the series “when circus is not itself anymore“
>> performative circus installation
In the second performance by Squarehead Productions, artist Louisa Wruck will balance on a tight rope without interruption. She asks herself: "Since I took my first step on the rope, how many kilometers have I walked, how long have I stood?"

Stock (Stick) – from the series „when circus is not itself anymore“
>> performative circus installation
Darragh McLoughlin will lie on the floor and balance a stick on his sternum. He'll ask himself, “Is the stick moving me or am I moving the stick?" The performance is intended to be a reenactment of the place and the circus itself. It is not the presentation of a trick or a personalized mini-performance, but rather the chance to observe an artist confronted with the limits of his own practice.

Flying Buffet
Culinary finalw in the basement foyer. (Not included in the entrance fee)

Squarehead Productions