Play Bauhaus

In the 1920s, the Bauhaus stage is already a legendary modern theatre project. Established in Weimar, under Oskar Schlemmer’s leadership it becomes a unique locus for revolutionary experiments with the human figure and space. In the Dessau years the Bauhaus is at its peak and so, too, is the stage. It is located in the centre of the new school building and its architecture alone demonstrates its status as an avantgarde stage.

The revival begins in the 1970s with dance, theatre, music and performance projects. Today, the stage once again sees itself as a laboratory for performative experiments in which actors and dancers, artists and other disciplines develop collaborative projects. In doing so, a particular emphasis is placed on experiments with the production of space.

play bauhaus is a long-term project in which the experimental is programmatic. In frequent new artistic constellations, the Bauhaus stage evolves into performative spatial design.

Curator: Torsten Blume, Artistic Associate Bauhaus Dessau Foundation.