Prague Quadrennial 2011

Performance, Design and Space

At the Prague Quadriennal 2011 "performance design and space", in the sections of architecture and education, the Dessau Bauhaus is presenting the project "play bauhaus – the stage as spatial apparatus". However, it is neither a presentation of a theatre operation, nor a single educational facility, but a principle: the commitment to elemental theatrical, choreographic and scenographic basic research, the constant necessity for radical questioning of theatrical resources.

The presentations manifest the Bauhaus Theatre as a simultaneously historic and contemporary project; as an extraordinary theatre laboratory, in which the medium of the stage was and is explored as a spatial synthesis model, as an interface for different creative disciplines.

While the architecture section focuses primarily on the connection of choreography and spatial experiments, the education section concentrates on the possibilities of an interdisciplinary scenographic invention of apparatus. The project was developed in cooperation of students from four Central German educational institutes: the Bauhaus University of Weimar, the Leipzig University of Graphics and Book Art, the Dresden University of Fine Arts and the Dessau University of Applied Sciences.

The historic nature and actual effect of the experimental theatre in the Bauhaus set up in 1926 form the starting points of the presentations. For, despite the possibilities of opening up the rooms and richly diverse options in shifting walls, doors and constellations, this theatrical space is shaped by a strong, visual-spatial creative concept that can scarcely be hidden. It is a space that to a certain degree performs itself as a stage; a space that in its proportions, surfaces and structures asserts a vision of clarity, concentration and precision in the resources it uses. Here – as in the Bauhaus building as a whole – architecture asserts the possible perfection of a technically and industrially informed environment by transcending it artistically. These are the initial targets that every contemporary experiment taking place here faces and has to be capable of accepting as a challenge.

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