Side Program

Publicly available program of the summer school 2014 

Tuesday, 2014-07-22

  • Lectures and panel discussion, Bauhausaula

1.00 pm Dick Urban Vestbro (Stockholm) about the cohousing movement and collaborative housing

2.00 pm Gerd Scholl (Berlin) about collaborative consumption and consumer behaviour

3.30 pm Cameron Tonkinwise(Pittsburgh)about the changes in the fields of design and education in the age of sharing economy 

4.30 pm panel discussion with the speakers and the heads of the studios

Thursday, 2014-07-31

  • Roundtable discussion, Masters' House Muche/Schlemmer

5.00 pm: Roundtable

with Michael Erlhoff (Cologne), Stefan Schridde (Berlin) and Julia Amberger about the topics: “using rather than owning” / “new trends in shareconomy and design” / “plannend obsolescence”

Thursday, 2014-08-07 

  • Final presentation, Masters' House area and Masters' House Muche/Schlemmer

with Brigitte Hartwig (Dessau), Florian Alexander Schmidt (Berlin), Elke Krasny and Peter Takacs (Hofheim-Wallau) as critics

10.00 am: Final presentations of the Designers in Residence

1.00 pm: Final presentations of the studios

6.00 pm: Final report of the critics