Exhibitions – Retrospective

International Building Exhibition (IBA) Urban Redevelopment 2010

The International Building Exhibition (IBA) Urban Redevelopment Saxony-Anhalt 2010 enters its presentation phase this year with the extensive Central Overview Exhibition "Less is Future". In 19 small and medium-sized towns and cities in Saxony-Anhalt, urban planners and architects, sociologists, politicians and citizens developed strategies and ideas to combat population decline. The IBA thereby takes up the challenges of a future which will no longer be defined by steady growth, but which must nevertheless offer perspectives for the people. Until 16th October 2010 on an exhibition area of 1,200 m2 in the Bauhaus Dessau, visitors will be able to see how directed densification can improve quality of life in the cities. The exhibition also gives a comprehensive insight into the history of the region's development. To close, the exhibition proposes three future scenarios for Saxony-Anhalt up to 2050, forecasting developments in the climate, the landscape and the city.


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