László Moholy-Nagy – daughter Hattula Moholy-Nagy's story

Hattula Moholy-Nagy on her book presentation of "Vision in Motion" at the new master's house Moholy-Nagy, Image: Sebastian Gündel, 2014, Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau

Hattula Moholy-Nagy:

  • Born 1933 in Berlin, Germany as a daughter of László Moholy-Nagy
  • 1935 moving to London
  • 1937 the family moved to Chicago, where she spent her childhood
  • 1949, three years after the death of her father, the family moved to San Francisco, where she completed high school and began college
  • Undergraduate at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Master´s Degree in Anthropology, specializing in prehistoric archaeology at the University of Chicago
  • As an archeologist she worked several years in Mexico, Guatemala and in Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania Museum
  • 1965-1979: Life in Switzerland, teaching at the University of Zürich, her two sons, Andreas and Daniel Hug were born there
  • 1979-1994: Ph.D. in Anthropology at the University of Michigan
  • 1987: Marriage with Roger Schneggenburger, they still live in Ann Arbor
  • Since 1971, the year her mother and sister both died, she dedicates herself to her father´s life and work
  • 2003: She and her sons established the Moholy-Nagy Foundation
  • Presently she is organizing the work of the estate and foundation to pass them to her sons in a smooth transition, to have time to devote herself again to archaeology 

Video: Julia Riedhammer and Edouard Steinhauer, 2014, Bauhaus Foundation Dessau, edited by Franka Pohl.

For further information about László Moholy-Nagy please consult:  www.bauhaus-online.de