Studio 2: A Game / GAME LAB

Beatrice Barth, Leipzig, Designer

Studio 2: A Game / GAME LAB

This project is about a game development by making use of Co-Design / strategies of participation. Through the creation of prototypes and testing it with some people, the lab becomes a platform for interaction. The gaming idea will be developed with the help by the users thus they become Co-Designers. So it allows people to be involved in the creation process and in the game itself. The aim is to reach many people with a game.

Beatrice Barth born 1981 is a graphic designer in Leipzig.

She graduated 2011 from the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig where she studied System-Design (Prof. Oliver Klimpel). For her diploma project she did a research on participation (documentated in her thesis „Der Nutzer als Mitgestalter“/The user as a co-designer) and initiated a participative event for her video work IF THEN DANCE.

Since 2009 she worked as a freelancer in various design studios in Leipzig and Berlin until founding BAR+BAR Studio for Graphic Design & Illustration together with her sister Sandra Barth in May 2013. Besides graphic work for mainly cultural institutions they create situations of co-designing, that they, so far presented in exhibitions in Ulm and Hamburg.