On Collecting:
The City as Habitat. Critical Perspectives on the Living Conditions of Bauhaus Members

18 June – 22 Nov 2020
Bauhaus Museum Dessau, Black Box

At the Bauhaus, not only urban space was the subject of plan­ning and design projects. In their free artistic and from the mid­ 1920s on also increasingly photographic works, students dealt with the city in a critical way. To them, the city was inter­esting as a dwelling, living and working space with intact social conditions but also as a space for people living on the social fringes ­ and as a place for po­litical argument.

Albert Hennig’s 1930 photo­graphs of workers’ quarters in Leipzig take centre stage for this Intermezzo. They are sup­plemented by works by Irena Blühova, Reinhold Rossig, Carl Marx, Hinnerk Scheper and Grete Reichardt.