Urban Farm Dessau – an urban quarter farm for Dessau’s Am Leipziger Tor district

Idea for the future: Energy band and urban farming
Cultivation of regenerative resources and production of healthy foods on urban redevelopment sites

Shrinking cities are characterised by a unique phenomenon: They have too much of what most other cities are lacking, namely landscape and open spaces. This potential shall be identified and used by making the ‘more’ of open space for urban farming and cultivation of regenerative raw materials in direct vicinity to urban quarters. The project of an urban quarter farm was developed for this purpose in Dessau’s Am Leipziger Tor borough. The underlying idea is to try out strategies of neighbourhood supply and self-sufficiency with healthy foods and renewable energies. An urban farm shall be established as a new-type of learning venue which combines economic value creation with educational and social work.
The project was initiated by the Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau and selected in spring 2013 following a multi-phase application procedure by a high-level jury to become part of the Land Reclaimer Program operated by the Robert Bosch Foundation.

Unoccupied housing is ‘systematically’ demolished under Dessau’s urban redevelopment scheme to create new open spaces. This new townscape provides rich potentials for sustainable urban development: with climate-productive spaces, spaces for urban gardening and shared neighbourhood gardens. 

F I L M: The urban quarter farm as a novel learning venue



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