Edition Bauhaus 16
UmBauhaus – Updating Modernism

UmBauhaus does not offer any clear answers, but rather poses many questions, themselves derived from the individual contributions or the very structure and layout of the book itself. We have deliberately taken a risk in mixing highbrow with popular culture, and theory with banal practice. The book is thus similar to a rap through historical events – a combination that is at once a sign of the times and a confrontation with reality. And is it possible nowadays to debate restoration without including the phenomenon of plastic surgery? If Mike and Matt want to look like Brad Pitt (as in MTV‘s I want a famous face) then this is linked with the desire to resurrect the Bauhaus Director’s House. Undertake a journey with this book. Drop your predetermined views and draw your own conclusions. This book is a call to experiment with our own ideas and an attempt at generating new results from a debate, a project and a process.

Matthias Hollwich and Rainer Weisbach (ed.)
jovis Verlag, ISBN: 3-936314-96-9
German/English, 208 pages with numerous pictures, Paperback, DVD
16,5 x 24 cm
EUR 24,80