Edition Bauhaus 21
Bauhaus.Theatre.Dessau – Change of Scene

In the nineteen-twenties – above all under the direction of Oskar Schlemmer – the Bauhaus stage was a legendary project germinated by the modern movements within the theatre, a place of revolutionary experiments with body and space. Since the nineteen-seventies, there has been a step-by-step revival of the stage, with dance, theatre and performance projects, and today‘s stage studio of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation reflects not only concepts of the historic Bauhaus stage but updates them in the context of applied urban studies. A laboratory for performance experimentation has emerged in which artists and dancers develop their projects alongside architects, designers and specialists in urban studies. The book presents selected performances of the Bauhaus stage since 1976, giving views of the “scene change” from historic projects to the challenges of the present. An integrated DVD presents rare footage of selected projects.

Torsten Blume, Burghard Duhm for the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation (ed.)
ISBN: 3-936314-84-5
German/English, 216 pages with numerous pictures, paperback
16,5 x 24 cm
EUR 29,80