Edition Bauhaus 30
The other cities – IBA Stadtumbau 2010 Volume 9: Potentials

Many regions in Europe and indeed worldwide are currently defined by population decline, economic transformation and an advancing ageing process. Using the example of Saxony-Anhalt, the International Building Exhibition (IBA) Urban Redevelopment 2010 counters these urgent issues with experiments,strategies and concepts for action. Volume 9 of the IBA series puts an emphasis on the potentials that could be of relevance post-2010, that is, following the end of IBA activity in the now 19 participating cities. The spectrum of opportunities, which could result from the IBA process, ranges from new perspectives on the city and landscape to economic potentials, aspects of spatial planning and interreligious concepts. This book also resumes the documentation of the projects in the 19 IBA towns and cities and provides, by means of e.g. numerous interviews with the parties active in each location, graphic insights into the experiences made during the course of urban redevelopment.

IBA office GbR (ed.)
Eigenverlag, ISBN: 3-936796-38-6
German/English, 288 pages with numerous pictures, paperback
16,5 x 24 cm
EUR 24,80

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