Walter Gropius – nephew Peter K. Gropius' story

Image: Sebastian Gündel, 2014, Bauhaus Foundation Dessau. Opening weekend new master's houses.

Peter K. Gropius:

  • Son of Hans Gropius, a son of Erich Gropius. Erich Gropius was the brother of Walther Gropius, the father of Walter Gropius
  • born 1938 east of the Oder 
  • until 1946 en route, then he grew in the region Niederrhein, Germany
  • 1954-1957: Education: Industrial manager
  • 1958 emigration into the United States of America
  • bis 1959: stay at "uncle Walter" Gropius' place
  • 1959 – 1962: military service (US Armee)
  • 1963-1993: IBM Sindelfingen, Mainz and Düsseldorf
  • since 1994: Privatier without retirement
  • married, one daughter and two grandchildren

Video: Julia Riedhammer and Edouard Steinhauer, edited by Franka Pohl, 2014, Bauhaus Foundation Dessau.

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