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Walter Gropius – Wolfgang Danielzik about his uncle

Wolfgang Danielzik:

  • Nephew of Walter Gropius, husband of Gerlinde Gropius-Danielzik
  • Born 12.12.1941 in Königsberg (Ostpreußen) 
  • Escape; imprisoned for four years in Danemark 
  • received immigration permit in Hamburg, where he spent his childhood and teenage years
  • Education to be n industrial clerk, activity in the shipping industry
  • Intention to make the A-levels at night school; the idea came up to go to the U.S. to ​​Uncle Walter Gropius and learn English on the spot
  • 1966: Ise and Walter Gropius Gropius vouched for Gerlinde and Wolfgang Danielzik
  • 1966 – 1967: Cambridge und Lincoln, USA; Language courses Harvard University, Guest student at Harvard Business School, different jobs
  • Nov. 1966 until January 1967: "House Keeper" at the Gropius House in Lincoln
  • 1967: return to Hamburg, Germany
  • First, personal assistant of the CEO and later senior positions at the Edeka Group 
  • 1988: activity at the Bertelsmann Group
  • Independent consultant for companies until pension 
  • He lives in Jork near Hamburg

Video: Julia Riedhammer and Edouard Steinhauer, 2014, Bauhaus Foundation Dessau, edited by Franka Pohl

Image: Sebastian Gündel, 2014, Bauhaus Foundation Dessau
Mr Danielzik hands plans of Walter Gropius over to the foundation

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