11 September 2019

Festival start

6 pm – 8 pm

⁂ Performance ⁂
possibly endless
Arena Extensions Choreographers and architects move in endlessly variable motion systems creating a totality of motion that dissolves the spatial boundaries between those performing and those observing.
w/ Students of the Palucca University of Dance Dresden and Dresden University of Applied Sciences, Katharina Christl [ direction ], sounds Shintaro Imai
–> Bauhaus Museum Dessau, Arena

8 pm
{ Staging }
Geometric Ballet
Arena Extensions Sculpting as the foundation for a play. Dance sculptures by Ursula Sax inspired by Oskar Schlemmer’s “Triadic Ballet”.
Tickets: EUR 5 per person. Online Tickets
w/ tristan Production | Management | Event Dresden in cooperation with HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts, initiated by Semjon H. N. Semjon, Semjon Contemporary, Katja Erfurth [ choreography ]
–> Bauhaus Museum Dessau, Arena

¶ Installation ¶
Joschmi‘s Connecting Pieces
Sculptural highlights for the venues of the festival and urban spaces in-between. Inspired by typographical and sculptural concepts of Bauhaus master Joost Schmidt.
w/ Anhalt University of Applied Sciences Dessau, visual design and graphic design class led by Brigitte Hartwig
–> Dessau-Roßlau, Bauhaus Museum Dessau, Anhaltisches Theater Dessau, Bauhaus Building, Masters’ Houses

2 pm – midnight
¶ Installation ¶
Play, Life, Illusion
Arena Extensions Performance installation devoted to Xanti Schawinsky featuring scenes from the “Spectrodramas” (1936) reinterpreted differently each day. w/ Camberwell College of Fine Arts, University of the Arts London, Sarah Kate Wilson, Matthew Draper, Juan Bolivar, Daniel Sturgis [ direction ]
–> Bauhaus Museum Dessau, Arena

4 pm – midnight
¶ Installation ¶
The role of the museum and its function as a public space is put into play with Arena (1997),  a semicircular modular structure made of plywood covered on both sides with Twaron (an aramid fibre, five times stronger than steel) and epoxy resin. Since its creation, it has been exhibited worldwide and is transformed with each venue it is presented. At the Bauhaus Museum Dessau it delineates a special forum in the space of the Open Stage.
w/ Rita McBride [ Los Angeles, Düsseldorf ]
–> Bauhaus Museum Dessau, foyer

4 pm – midnight
¶ Installation ¶
“Das Totale Tanztheater” and “Das Totale Tanztheater 360°”
Experience dance in a virtual world with virtual dancing creatures. Inspired by Oskar Schlemmer’s stage experiments and Walter Gropius’ ideas on a total theatre.
w/ Interactive Media Foundation, Richard Siegal [ choreography ]
–> Bauhaus Museum Dessau, foyer

4 pm – 8 pm
{ Staging }
Walk-in / walk-off readings for performances in which the audi- ence determines the reading sequence and dramaturgy of the script unfolding in the room.
w/ Students of typography and editorial design under Prof. Ludovic Balland, Academy of visual Arts Leipzig
–> Bauhaus Building, room 1.20, E.20

4 – 8 pm
¶ Installation ¶
Artictic research about the chair chaise sandows and strain as principle.
w/ Tobias Klett, Klasse für Typo- grafie und Editorial Design of Prof. Ludovic Balland, academy of Vidual arts Leipzig
–> Bauhaus Building, room 1.47

4 – 8 pm
¶ Installation ¶
w/ Linda Werner, Akademie für Bildende Künste Nürnberg
–> Bauhaus Building, room E.20

7 pm – midnight
¶ Installation ¶
Overhead projection
w/ Theater Anu
–> Bauhaus Building, Studio building staircase

8 pm – 11 pm
¶ Installation ¶
Photo Gymnastics
Visitors have their photos taken as “dancer figures” and warm up with Bauhaus gymnastics for a performance that is as eccentric as possible.
w/ Marcus Nebe, Lena Held, Timo Herbst, Linda Pense, and others
–> Bauhaus Museum Dessau, Studio Total

10 pm – midnight
! ! ! Party ! ! !
London Calling Disco
Arena Extensions In keeping  with the topic of the day, “Music from 100 Years.” Air guitar, party- ing and dancing.
w/ DJ Malevich and Friends, Camberwell College of the Arts London
–> Bauhaus Museum Dessau, Arena