Future Lab

The workshop of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation is a lab for the future issues of urban environments. The Foundation thereby supports the development of design contributions for the future of the city with a focus on energy, ecology and mobility. All the projects are intentionally based in the region so that they can be monitored long-term here in Dessau.

The Bauhaus’s work in design focused in the 1920s on the building, specifically on the modern house and its outfitting and on the suburban housing estate. Under the problematic economic conditions of the time, the challenge was to create healthy housing for a growing urban population. The responses of New Architecture are both visionary and practical: they attempt to utilise new technologies, to assist the breakthrough of rationality and, with the functional form, to also do justice to the social challenges of the day.

Economic, political and cultural instruments designed to resolve contemporary social problems are currently being developed and put to the test in the urban context. Such complex design requirements are backed by the disciplines of urban planning, architecture, the visual and performing arts, design, the social sciences and the humanities.