Bauhaus Dessau

Workshop of Modernity – Permanent exhibition at Bauhaus Dessau

In order to capture the visionary ideas and goals of the Bauhaus, the exhibition portrays the relationships between education, the arts, architecture, product design, and between the people and their lives at, and with, the Bauhaus. The exhibition focuses chiefly on the Dessau period of the Bauhaus, from 1925 to 1932. In this phase, the school, the workshops and the architecture department were able to develop their greatest potential. That each of the Bauhaus' directors put an emphasis on different concepts and practices is also explicit. The mediation of the condensed, multifaceted content of the exhibition occurs by means of a complex process of sensory perception, on the one hand on a multimedia level, and on the other through the contemporary presentation of some 100 objects selected from the Bauhaus' collection in an environment steeped in atmosphere.

  • Curators: Omar Akbar, Wolfgang Thöner, Lutz Schöbe, Kirsten Baumann
  • Scenography: chezweitz & roseapple, Detlef Weitz and Rose Epple, with Holger Jansen, Richard Fulton, Will Tomlinson and Isabel Prugger
  • Architecture: kubix, Berlin media technology: serve-u, Berlin turn into an exhibition floor: Johannes Bausch, architect, Berlin

Due to reconstruction works, the permanent exhibition "Workshop of Modernism" in the basement of Bauhaus building will be closed until summer 2014.