Workshop 2: Alternative prototypes and critical objects

Saturday, 5 June 2021 – 9:30 a.m.

One key focus of the Bauhaus was the development of prototypes based on the logic of industrial production. Today, global industry has to be questioned and has to change. New prototypes and objects are emerging that replace (harmful) materials and manufacturing methods, offer local alternatives and sometimes create new production processes. Thanks to speculative visions and creative imagination new things emerge. Also the consequences of the industrialization have to be examined. This includes objects that intervene with the everyday life of our thing-culture and promote critical access to the way we consume and use everyday objects. Objects that reflect information, point out conditions and convey facts in a tangible way.

Hosts: mischer’traxler studio (Austria)

mischer’traxler studio are product designers par excellence. Their award-winning works can be seen worldwide in contemporary exhibitions such as the Design Museum London, the Cooper Hewitt Museum in New York, or at the Triennale di Milano. Their artistic practice is characterised by experimental and conceptual thinking – always balancing craft and technology. They also curated and designed the permanent exhibition MAK Design Lab at the MAK, Vienna, which opened in 2019; they lecture at art colleges and develop design-based concepts to expand human spaces of action and decision-making.

Speakers: Angela Rui, design critic & curator (Italy)
Theo Deutinger, architect & designer (Austria)
Johanna Schmeer, researcher, designer & lecturer (Germany)
Vlasta Kubusova, researcher, designer & co-founder crafting plastics! studio (Slovakia)
Maurizio Montalti, researcher & designer (Netherlands)