Workshop 3: Do it yourself: making as collective self-empowerment

Saturday, 5 June 2021 – 11:30 a.m.

Maker movements and fab labs base upon do-it-yourself principles; they strengthen communities through engaged making and bring together a variety of small manufacturers, inventors, amateurs and repairers. Local crafts often combine with new digital technologies. Digital tools are not only changing the way of making, but also the way we think about making. Alternative models of making and selling in online craft communities are emerging, linking crafts knowledge and technologies.

Host: Basurama (Spain)

Basurama translates roughly as “garbage-o-rama”, with the English suffix o-rama, which is representative of the superlative, the ultimate feeling. The team of artists and architects started with questioning and discussing the relationship to rubbish. They initiated recycling actions and workshops that were sometimes provocative and gained the attention of the public. The group works with broadly spread network structures, acts at festivals and conferences, and intervenes in the rigid and inflexible structures of conventional urban planning and design of the living environment through urban interventions as well as participatory activities. They are also very much committed to a greener planet.

Speakers: Dessire Velez, architect, urban planner & co-founder Reciclaje (Peru)
Mirjana Utvic, architect, member CPN – Center for the Promotion of Science & co-founder Skograd Collective (Serbia)
Jesse Coffino, lecturer, educator & member Anji Play (China)
Guillermo Martinez, engineer & co-founder Ayúdame3D (Spain)